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Professional Business Valuation in Houston

Determining What Your Business is Worth

You have built a company that provides value to your customers and you continue to build profitable supplier and customer relationships. Over the years, you may have also assembled a core group of key employees that make the company a success on a day-to-day basis in the markets served. As part of your planning, you may be looking to sell and/or transfer all or a portion of the business to the next generation, to key employees or to an interested third party. This is all part of the natural business life-cycle and part of your succession plan for the future.

Between statutory law, Internal Revenue Service regulations, and a long history of precedential case law, there is more valuation guidance available for transactions governed by federal tax laws than for any other category. At Convergent Capital Appraisers, we have a comprehensive understanding of business valuation and can work with you to reach your goals. With over 30 years of experience, our firm can give you a fair and accurate valuation of your business.

Maximize the Value of Your Business

Without the skilled guidance of a business valuation firm, it might seem simple to compare your business to someone else's and have a fairly good guess of who comes out on top. However, this can severely undercut the potential and growth of your company and lead to problems down the road.

When establishing the value of your business, it is important to consider the following:

  • Audited financial statements
  • Appreciated or depreciated assets when compared to book value
  • Non-income producing assets within the company
  • Strong compensation, retirement, and health insurance policies
  • The cost of growing your workforce

Fractional Ownership & Discounts

Whether the business' equity structure is represented by common stock, voting/nonvoting stock, and/or other forms of equity, the valuation of fractional ownership usually allows for the application of a discount for lack of control (minority interest) and a discount for lack of marketability. The discounts applied are dependent upon the facts and circumstances unique to each company and each valuation project.

Such discounts are derived from market evidence, are guided by appropriate revenue rulings and legal precedence, and are applied based on our extensive experience in this area as part of our preparation of a defensible appraisal. The resulting value conclusion can be helpful in minimizing the tax impact connected with the transfer of the subject ownership interest.

Why Choose Convergent Capital Appraisers?

The professionals at Convergent Capital Appraisers possess in-depth knowledge of the applicable IRS code sections, rulings (including Revenue Ruling 59-60) and court decisions regarding appraisals of all types of closely-held business equities. We are also accustomed to working with business owners and management, attorneys, CPAs and other estate planning professionals throughout the valuation process.

Our firm has experience assisting both large publicly traded companies and small privately held businesses. We have also been named the Financial Asset Appraisal Firm of the Year for two years in a row. Together with our competency and attention to detail, we can reach the highest level of success in your company.

We would be glad to discuss your particular situation with you, and work with your advisory group to help you achieve your estate planning objectives. Contact us today for your Houston business valuation services.

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